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7 posts from October 2014

Oct 29, 2014

Re: Joyce, Episode 229: Poppysyrups & Poisons 

Mr. Bloom entertains deep thoughts about healing potions.


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Oct 22, 2014

Re: Joyce, Episode 228: Pestle and Mortar

Mr. Bloom peers into the history and mystery of alchemy.


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Oct 15, 2014

Loving Molly Twitter Contest…

Tumblr_m0rrmba7VS1qfuc9ho1_500 Summary: A great new Joyce Twitter Contest! Using no sexy or anatomical words, no obscenity, tweet the best sexs cene you can write using the hashtag #YesMolly.

Contest Starts: Friday October 17th at noon

Ends: Monday October 20th at noon

Prize: A copy of the Gabler edition of Ulysses which Frank uses for his Podcast Re:Joyce

Hashtag: #YesMolly

Winners will be announced Monday afternoon EST.



ANNOUNCING! A new Twitter CONTEST!! With Prizes!!! Here’s the task: Tweet, without using explicit language or biological terminology, the best, steamiest, most erotic scene that you can write. James Joyce’s Ulysses (see this site under Podcasts) ends famously – or notoriously, as you prefer – with a 3-page, non-stop, almost unparagraphed soliloquy from Molly, the wife of Leopold Bloom. It’s lively, it’s life in the raw, it’s libidinous.

This contest aims at the opposite extreme. In fewer than 140 characters – and allow for the hashtag – see if you can write a sex scene that will make our palms sweat, our eyes roll. You’re not allowed to use sexual language or terminology; you are not permitted any biology. I’m going straight in (so to speak) with an example. Molly, as you probably know, ends her long, long thought with the orgasmic “And yes I said, I will Yes.” Accordingly, just to guide you here’s my offering for this contest:  “Yes, I said, yes, I will, yes. Yes. Definitely. Oh, God, mmmm, yes absolutely. Yes! Yes-yes. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!”  

That’s 132 characters; I’ve left room for the hashtag which is #YesMolly. The contest runs from today, Friday, to Monday noon and the first three winners will receive in the mail from me copies of the Gabler edition of Ulysses with a note from me. Go to it!


Re: Joyce, Episode 227: Furtive Hands

Mr. Bloom adjusts his clothing and steps out into the light.


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Oct 08, 2014

Re: Joyce, Episode 226: Browbeatings & Buzz

Mr. Bloom dwells on lofty priests and lowlife pickpockets.


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Oct 03, 2014

IBAM Chicago October 4-5

Frank will be in Chicago for the iBAM Chicago Celtic Arts Rising event this Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday at 3pm he is on a panel asking - and answering - What is it about Irish Literature that gives it such universal appeal? 

On Sunday at 2:45 he presents "Why James Joyce is Good for You."

Frank will also be honored with the iBAM! Award for his outstanding contributions to Literature.

More information is available on the iBAM Chicago website.

Oct 01, 2014

Re: Joyce, Episode 225: Whispers of Remorse

Mr. Bloom and the wonders of the confessional.


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