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7 posts from March 2013

Mar 27, 2013

Re: Joyce, Episode 146: Seeing Stars

As Stephen continues to write poetry we learn of Cassiopeia, augurs and their flights of birds, along with Freud, Jung, and Telemachus.

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Mar 20, 2013

Re: Joyce, Episode 145: Taking Note

Frank discusses two quotes, one simple, one opaque the latter filled with hidden symbolism, sexual desire and the connections that make them sing.

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Mar 15, 2013

Re: Joyce, Episode 144-A: Who is Sylvia?

Frank talks about Sylvia Beach and her part in bringing Ulysses to the world.

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Mar 13, 2013

Re: Joyce, Episode 144: Womb to Tomb

Frank discusses Kevin Spacey and Joycean phrases such as "Pin it Down."

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Mar 11, 2013

Announcing the Story of Your Life Twitter Challenge Winner

So – your life’s story in a tweet? How was it for you? Did the tweet move? For many it did, and I’m among the many. This was my best challenge yet, with the largest number of entries ever (in the hundreds) and the widest range of skill and emotions. The entries tended to stratify into factual renditions and poetic interpretations of Tweeple’s lives. This makes for difficult judging; a genuine - and valid - split appeared between the inventors and the documenters. Both had the power to arrest, to move, to touch the heart – and the soul. And that is precisely what I had in mind, but for which I didn’t dare hope. But the Tweeple rose to it – my word, there are tons of talent out there. I had more than one sharp intake of breath, and many “I wish I'd thought of that” moments.

The process of selection – always beginning with a whittling-down – almost hurt; which finger or toe do I cut off next? Ultimately I had to abandon all idea of objectivity and listen for the music, judge where the singer and the song were as one. That, after swinging like the pendulum of a slightly deranged clock, my surgery produced the shortlist of ten, then a private five, then an agonized three – and then a winner: @clove819 "In spring I sprang at the stars, springing at the farthest; in winter I tiptoe at the nearest, knowing of distance."

Congratulations @clove819 – and to all of you who entered. And thank you – SO much. Once again my faith in who’s out there has been not only renewed but further elevated: you’re a great bunch, you Tweeple!

Mar 08, 2013

Top Ten Entries from the Story of Your Life Challenge #140mystory

Congratulations to the top ten entries from the Story of Your Life twitter challenge, and thank you to everyone who entered! People are encouraged to vote in the comments section of this post to try to sway Frank's opinion as he determines who will be the final winner and who will receive the top, mystery, prize. 

The final prize will be awarded Monday, March 11th. 

@B4Steph If I think I am therefore I must be - but how do I know which mind is mine? Uncertainty is a life worth living.

@Combot_Elliot Running away from those who would save me to find something I never lost. 

@MohsinTS Couldn't choose family, but could choose friends. Now, most of the latter are most of the former. 

@clove819 In spring I sprang at the stars, springing at the farthest; in winter I tiptoe at the nearest, knowing of distance.

I declared I wanted my independence vociferously. Now, I can't get loneliness to depart.

They stole more than just her heart and at times her soul, but ultimately she overcame. 

I was well loved as a child. As I grew, I loved many. Too many for our culture's approval, so I stopped loving our culture. 

That tall white stucco house, where I grew, was large. Almost unknowable. Visiting years later, the stairs were very narrow.

There's an invisible spectrum of magic between art and science. I'm revealing it gradually, like a lemon juice hidden message.

Died half a lifetime ago. Reincarnated with all my memories intact.Don't know now if I'm really half or twice my age.

Mar 06, 2013

Re: Joyce, Episode 143: Kissing Time

Stephen still on Sandymount. "Omnis caro ad te veniet." A pale vampire, and Douglas Hyde. Hamlet's tablets.

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