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Aug 20, 2004

Starting a website

This is a new website and in the next few days I will write at greater length about it. For now - welcome everybody!

And I hope you enjoy as much as I do the elegant work of MEIER and the Goodwin brothers who designed the site and brought it into being.


The Goodwin brothers designed my initial web site 3 years ago and are correctly bugging me to update it and to bring it to a higher level of yours which is super. I am reading your novel and enjoying it thoroughly, I hope it is being pulled from the shelves as quickly as the stores are stocking it. Take care. Bruce Forester MD

I just finished reading "Ireland" and I must say that I was mesmerized. I am an avid reader of the history and folklore of Ireland and the British Isles. This novel will go down as an all time favorite. Last night knowing that I had only fifty pages before the end, I put the book away for a special moment to finish it. Today was the day. Upstate New York was again seeing a storm and I was alone in the house. I put a fire in the fireplace,poured a cup of strong black coffee, wrapped myself in an afghan and finished the book. This reading was a magical experience. Thank you to Frank DeLaney.

I have just finished reading Ireland, a novel and I am in awe of the writing ability of Frank Delaney. I am an American but I also have my roots in Ireland where my grandparents were born. For the past four years I have read numerous historical and ficticious writings and I can't seem to get enough of it...from stories of Brian Boru to stories of druids and cheiftains and kings...all of it somehow strikes a familiar cord within my heart...somehow it feels like my spirit has visited all of those places long ago. I have stood in many stone circles and stood in front of casles and forts and went into the depths of Newgrange. I have walked the countryside and sea cliffs...have seen the brighest sunshine and the harshest rainstorms. I have heard the wind blow like it would never stop. Ireland speaks to me like no other place on whispers to me in a familiar manner. Reading Frank Delaney's book was an incrdeible experince for me. It brought a tangible life to all that I have read and seen in this wonderful gem of a country. The dialogue and the dialects of the various characters made the history (fact and myth) come alive in a very, very pleasant and unforgettable way. I only wish the book went on for another 500 pages because I feel a a loss now that I have finshed reading this masterpiece. Thank you so much Mr. Delaney.

Unforgettable! Having just finished Ireland, I feel as if I've just lost a new friend. I only wish there were a few hundred pages more . . . Totally engrossing, both in scope, history and character development. An enyoyable, satisfying read; an experience not to be missed.

Hello Frank,
Your website is superb. Now, that I found it, I have to let you know how impressed I was with your recent lecture at the West Cork Music and Literary Festival in Bantry, Ireland. Your presentation was outstanding, most informative and inspiring for beginners as well as established writers in your audience. We were under the spell of your voice and beautiful diction, but above all your great storytelling. What a pleasure to listen to you! Of course, hearing you live is a richer experience than the streaming video any website can capture. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing you and hearing you talk about your latest novel "Ireland" on that website clip.
Speaking to most writers in your audience at the Literary Festival, I heard so many compliments and positive feedback, that I felt I had to relay this information to you. As we know, writers get precious few opportunities to learn how they have touched their readers or audience. You shared your expertise on marketing and publishing with clarity and truly helpful advice, and you generously offered a wealth of insights about a variety of aspects in the life of a writer. It was a most inspiring experience to meet you in person among poets, such as Nobel Prize recipient Seamus Heaney, Matthew Sweeney, Imelda McGuire, humorous and serious writers Sean Lusk, Rory Kilalea, Cónal Creedon - not to forget songwriters such as Sonny Condell - and many other wonderful artists.
You graciously embraced the emerging talent of previously unpublished writers at the annual launch of Fish Publishing’s Short Story Anthology and gave these new writers the joyful sense of accomplishment through your involvement as a judge for this year’s collection. Thank you so much for your kindness!
Wishing you continued success in your career, I remain,
Yours sincerely,
Margaret E. Sweeney

When I read "Ireland" I felt like I had come home, if that makes sense to anyone. The words and language used seemed to open my heart and I read pages over and over, till I had to move on to find out "what happened" next. The warmth and the richness of Mr Delaney's book swell the heart and I felt as if I was reminded of something I may have forgotten...

I am 5th or 6th generation Australian, but with a deep understanding of what my ancestors who came out from Ireland carried with them in the late 1840's- early 1850's. I carry them in me and now that to be a Celt, to have Irish heritage and ancestry is a gift...

a gift of common sense, of the warmth in the heart, of the love of natural beauties and of the mysteries I feel when I sit outsode on my Aussie verandah and watch the evening sky darken to night.
Thanks Frank

At the recent West Cork Ireland, annual Literary Festival, a feast for book lovers and writers and an amazing overflowing resevoir in the nature of words,where one of the very fine readers was Frank Delaney.
The beginning words of 'Ireland A Novel,' were barely out of his mouth when the essence of his writing struck a moment of awe with me.
When a writer's words resonate with the energy of the terrible beauty of nature and you hear them with your senses - that's a moment of awe!
Young Ronan and the storyteller touched that soulful touching the mystery.
And as I listened to the unfolding of the genesis of the universe, as Frank Delany so breathtakingly described it, something was recognised and other past moments of awe awakend, touching the mystery of the continuum.
There have been discoveries through Teilhard de Chardin and the Phenomenon of Man. Kahlil Gibran and The Prophet. Romance by Shostakovich. The Swan by Saint-Saens... just a few remembrances. Some others - like being witness to a new life emerging from its own dark cave - human or animal. Or a last drawn breath falling into the silence of death. Moments of awe relating to the interior life and found in nature and relationships. Mirrored so sensitively in Frank Delaney's soulful and discriptive writing - he touches on those deep slumbering places, calling them back into life with his gift of story telling.
Chardin dedicated his book - for those who love the world. Frank Delaney I've discovered writes out of his passion and love for the world.It's awsome. Thank You.

I first came in touch with this author in a recent visit to Ireland. On my return at Heathrow Airport I came across this book,and bought it, which I understood I would enjoy but unfortunately in this edition from page 292 thru 341 are in blank. I live in Argentina - South America, and I don't think I 'll be able to get a good edition. All the same I hope to enjoy what is printed. Regards Mabel Kelly

Mr. Delaney I am in the midst of reading Ireland and felt compelled to visit your website (isn't the internet grand?) even before reaching its conclusion (perhaps because I don't want it to end?) to convey my gratitude. Your work has my heart bursting with emotion for your stories, my Irish ancestors, my departed loved ones and my living family. I hope one day to come home to Ireland, if only for a visit, and wonder if other third generation imigrants share this bone-deep connection to their ancestral home. Thank you for bringing such a huge slice of it to me in your work, Ireland. Sincerely and with best wishes, John Grace (le Gros?)

I've just finished reading Ireland A Novel! It took me two months because I would read, reread, and go back to the beginning or middle parts for all the beauty that was there. When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about Ronan and the Storyteller. It was wonderfully and movingly written. The history was the greatest part, but the underlying emotional familial story was so good, too, that it was truly an amazing journey. Thank you so much for giving the world this book. Sincerely, Sally Dulinsky

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